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TIP #4 - Create Offers that Sell

Program success depends on customers:

  1. Seeing value in your offer

  2. Using their R Card frequently

  3. Keeping their spending local

Therefore, you need to create offers that are appealing and ultimately increase existing business and bring in new business.

Here are some offer ideas you can customize and use to grab customers’ attention:

Seasonal Offer Examples


  • FREE treat with hot beverage

  • $10 off snowshoe rental


  • FREE gift with purchase over $100

  • Buy one, get one _____


  • $50 off yard service of $250 or more

  • 15% off lawn furniture

  • $10 off doggie bath


  • Buy 1 small ice cream, get a second for $1

  • Save 25% on an outdoor experience for 2


  • Open a savings account for school and get $250 (bank)

  • $20 off your first service with us (spa)


Slow Period Offers

  • 2 can dine for $19.99 (Wednesdays only from 2-4pm)

  • Spa manicure - $20 OFF (Tuesdays only)

  • HALF PRICE chicken wings - Mondays before 6pm


Flash Offers

  • 1 DAY ONLY - everything in the store is TAX FREE

  • $10 Gift Card with every purchase over $50, from 3-5pm


Plus-up Offers

  • Get an appetizer for 50% OFF with the purchase of any entree

  • FREE hair treatment with colour service

  • Spend $500 or more on jewelry and get a pair of earrings valued at $75


Exclusivity Offers

  • The first 10 people in the store today receive $5 off their purchase!

  • The 1st person to message us on Facebook with their R Card

  • number will get a FREE beverage


Remember, offers should only be available to R Card holders to make it more enticing to register for one. If everyone is able to redeem the offer, then the value of having an R Card diminishes.


Thanks for participating in the Riverview Rewards program! We hope you're enjoying these helpful tips and tools to make your program a success.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out!

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