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TIP #1 - How to Participate in the Program in 5 Simple Steps

Five simple steps is all it takes to get started in Riverview Rewards!

Step 1 - Register

Congrats! Since you’re here, you’ve already completed your first step.

Step 2 - Create an offer

Pick something that works for your business and appeals to customers.

Remember to be specific so customers know exactly what they are getting.We recommend that you change your offer monthly to switch things up and see what works best. Just contact us with the new info and we’ll make the change for you

Step 3 - Train your staff

Make sure all employees are aware of the program, your current offer, and how to promote the program consistently to customers.

Step 4 - Promote, promote, promote

Set up the supplied promotional materials and make sure to ask all customers if they have an R Card. If not, offer them one on the spot so they can start saving right away.

And while we promote your offer on our website, you should also share your offer on your social media channels or in your emails to increase awareness.

Step 5 - Report back

It’s important to respond to our monthly survey (which will be emailed to you) so we can get your feedback and help make this program the best it can be.


Thanks for participating in the Riverview Rewards program! We hope you're enjoying these helpful tips and tools to make your program a success.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out!

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